Summer is coming whether you’re ready for it or not, and that means your AC unit needs to be ready for it, too. Don’t get stuck in a heatwave with no way to cool down – prep NOW for summer with this helpful checklist of AC maintenance services. 

7 Steps to Prepare your AC for Summer

#1: Do a DIY AC inspection. Before you start your AC maintenance services and repairs, do a DIY-style AC inspection. We recommend making sure your thermostat is working properly and looking for any obvious damage or excessive wear to your inside AND outdoor units. 


#2: Check and replace your filters if necessary. Next, you should inspect and, if necessary, replace your AC filters. Over time these filters collect dust and debris and, eventually, restrict airflow and reduce the efficiency of your AC unit. Not only that, they can recirculate dust into your home. Air filters typically need to be replaced twice a year (or more), but you should check yours routinely, especially when prepping for summer (when you know you’ll be depending on your AC more to keep you cool). 

#3: Clear away debris and clean the coils, inside and out. A lot of homeowners don’t know how to clean an AC unit – we’re making it easy. To clean your AC unit inside, turn off the electricity to the unit (shut off the breaker). Next, remove the access panel from the unit and use a special cleanser made for cleaning AC coils to remove dirt and debris from them. You should also clean the drain pipe and drain pan – a bleach and water solution can get them back into the best shape possible and get rid of any clogs. 

Your outside AC unit is also simple to clean. Clear away any debris from the unit itself, and then remove the AC grille (the top). You can use a hose to clean out the unit, and the aforementioned coil cleaner to clean the condenser coils. 

#5: Check the refrigerant and refrigerant lines. Your refrigerant lines are typically wrapped in foam insulation and run down the side of your outside unit. If you notice damage to the insulation or the lines themselves, it may be time for AC repairs. Additionally, check your refrigerant level – if it’s low, it could signify a leak that needs professional repairs and additional refrigerant. 

#6: Check the scheduling. Do you have your AC system on a schedule for cooling? If so, check it – you may want to adjust when things start to cool down and the temperatures you have set to better suit the changing weather outside. 

#7: Run a test. Once you’ve done your AC maintenance services, run a test. Turn your AC down and ensure it cools your house properly and efficiently – if it doesn’t, or you notice an issue, it’s time to schedule AC repairs. Don’t delay… summer temperatures will be here before you know it. 

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