A person pushing a button on a wall-mounted thermostat

Your Warm And Cozy Home

A good heating system can keep your home comfortable when it’s too cold outside, but only if everything is set up properly. What happens if your furnace isn’t working? What if it’s making your house way too hot? The team at Superior HVAC & Plumbing is always ready to help you identify and resolve heating problems in your home. Plus, we can install new heating systems (that won’t keep breaking on you) and help you keep the heating system you already have in great shape for years.

How can we help with the heating in your home?

A boiler heating system
Heating Installation & Replacement

Is it time for replacement? Here’s why other homeowners decide it’s time for a new heating system:

  • Expensive heating bills
  • Heater doesn’t work anymore
  • Heater needs repairs over and over again
  • Heat pump, furnace, or boiler are 10-15 years old
  • Need new features to keep your home comfortable when no one is home
A couple draped in blankets and drinking hot beverages
Heating Repair

Not sure if you need a repair? Here are some common reasons for heating system repairs:

  • High heating costs
  • Strange noises from your furnace
  • Heat keeps turning off
  • Air quality in your home is bad
  • Pilot light in your furnace isn’t blue anymore
  • Uneven heating in some areas of your house
  • You need to turn the heat up too high just to be warm
A worker with pliers diagnosing a boiler system
Heating Tune-Ups

Still wondering why/if you should get a heating tune-up?

  • Keep heating costs low
  • Maintain good air quality
  • Improve efficiency
  • Identify issues early
  • Prevent major repairs later